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Now is the time

As physicians, we have a responsibility to our patients and our communities. We invite you to advocate and have our voices as healthcare professionals, as members of marginalized communities, and as allies, be heard. Please feel free to share any of these resources with others.

Educational Resources

COVID-19 Racial Equity Tools organized into categories: Analysis, Resources and Tools, Healing and Community Care, Organizing and Solidarity, Resource Building & Rapid Response, Virtual Work & Online Engagement, List of Lists

Justice in June: Becoming an active ally to the black community

People of Color Online Classroom: Resources by and for people of color

Letters for Black Lives: Translations of educational resources into other languages

About Us

Created by the Penn IM Wellness Task Force

Student members:

  • Olivia Best
  • Sam Ellison
  • Ramie Fathy
  • Michelle Guo
  • Sam Kisare
  • Jing Luan
  • Sarah Santucci

Faculty members:

  • Farah Hussain, MD
  • Oana Tomescu, MD PhD

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